Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning means that you display a willingness to learn and apply new knowledge and skills.


Demonstrating an interest in learning

  • Demonstrate an interest in personal learning and development
  • Seek feedback from multiple sources about how to improve and develop, and modify behavior based on feedback or self-analysis of past mistakes


Participating in training

  • Take steps to develop and maintain knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to achieve positive results
  • Participate fully in relevant training and professional development programs
  • Pursue opportunities to develop knowledge and skills


Anticipating changes in work

  • Anticipate changes in work demands and search for and participate in assignments or training that address these changing demands
  • Treat unexpected circumstances as opportunities to learn


Identifying career interests

  • Take charge of personal career development by identifying occupational interests, strengths, options and opportunities
  • Make insightful career planning decisions based on integration and consideration of others’ feedback, and seek out additional training to pursue career goals