Pharmacy Technicians

As use of the prescription drugs to fight diseases increases, so does the need for pharmacy technicians.

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists provide medication and other health care products to patients. Technicians usually perform routine tasks to help prepare prescribed medication, such as counting tablets and labeling bottles.

Pharmacy technicians:

  • Ensure patients receive the correct medications and dosages by accurately filling prescriptions
  • Interact directly with the patient in most retail settings, or with a team in hospital or clinical settings
  • Update and protect patient information according to rules and privacy regulations

Employment opportunities can be found in:

Education and training requirements

Pharmacy technicians are not required to have a college degree, but some employers prefer to hire certified pharmacy technicians who have been through formal training. Some will train pharm techs on the job. For some, it may be important to note that in Western Massachusetts, the pharmacy technician programs that are available do not offer college credit.

Pharmacy technicians are also expected to have:

  • Good basic math skills
  • Good organization skills and attention to detail
  • The ability and desire to work in a fast-paced environment
  • The ability to work well with others, both co-workers and the public

Western MA Fast Facts

  • Workers in Pioneer Valley: 740
  • Education Requirements: Certificate
  • Entry Level Wage: $11/hour
  • Experienced Wage:$17/hour
  • Learn more at

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