Personal skills and attitudes that can help you get ahead in healthcare

Western Massachusetts healthcare employers need more than technical skills. They are looking for a reliable workforce that cares about patients, the community and the work of the organization.

Professional traits that are particularly important to healthcare employers are:

  • Reliability: Healthcare is a very team-oriented profession, and even people who you don’t see are depending on you and your work.
  • Integrity: There are high standards for acceptable behavior in healthcare, and both patients and co-workers need you to be ethical, fair and responsible for your actions.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Healthcare changes rapidly, so you need to keep up with changes in the industry, changes in technology and changes in procedures that keep patients safe and healthy.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Good communication skills as well as concern and respect for others are all key to being both a team player and being effective at your job – even if you aren’t dealing directly with patients.
  • Compassion: In healthcare, you are often seeing patients at their worst. Staying calm and compassionate towards patients is important, even when they are difficult or the situation is tense.


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Employers Say...

“Healthcare is very patient-centered and team-oriented. We look for people who have the personal skills to contribute to the success of our organization. This means being reliable, dependable, flexible and compassionate.”

“More than anything, I need to know that you are committed to helping others and providing the best possible care. Everyone here, whether they are in the finance office, IT department, or caring for patients directly, is in the business of saving lives. So I want to know that you take it seriously.”