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Vision, Speech, Hearing & Diet

Careers in this cluster primarily focus on and specialize in the five senses — seeing, hearing/speaking, tasting, smelling, and feeling — and address the important related issue of nutrition.

Trends in Vision, Speech/Hearing, & Diet include

  • The new model of patient-centered care means that information needs to be shared between vision, speech/hearing, & diet professionals and primary care providers, hospitals, and others involved in aspects of a patient’s care.
  • Many of these positions work directly with the elderly, which will only increase as the population ages

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High School/Some College/Certificate Program

  • No priority occupations

Associates and Bachelors Degree

  • No priority occupations

Masters Degree or Higher 

What is it like to work in a Vision, Speech/Hearing, and Diet career?

Working in one of these careers means working very closely with patients and their families. These professionals also often need to collaborate with other care providers, so excellent communication and team work skills are key to building a successful career in this cluster.

Many careers in this cluster involve working directly with patients in diverse communities, cultural competency is also extremely important. “Cultural competency” means that one can work effectively with people of different cultures. Understanding the way different cultures view health care as part of their daily lives and learning to work with these views allows for much more effective delivery of care.

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