Home Health Aide

Home health aides are in high demand in Western Massachusetts as more people with disabilities -chronic and mental illness- and elders choose to age in place, and require assistance to continue living in their home. 

Home health aides help people with their daily living activities in the person’s own home, or sometimes in a residential facility. 

Home health aides:

  • Care for clients’ basic needs and assist in bathing, toileting, feeding, dressing, grooming, and moving patients
  • Help keep clients independent by performing routine housekeeping tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and running errands
  • Work independently, often under the supervision of a nurse

 Education and training requirements:

A high school diploma or GED and often a certificate training program are required to become a home health aide. In order to become certified, home health aides are required to pass an exam. Many CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) training programs also provide training as a home health aide.

Home health aides are also expected to have:

  • An understanding of diet and nutrition
  • Reliable transportation
  • Knowledge of patient’s rights and privacy requirements
  • Strong communication skills